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VIU PLENARY WORKSHOP Can Democracy Save the Environment?

Friday, November 20th at 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Students, Professors, friends and alumni are all invited to participate

There will be talks, a painting presentation, poem readings and live singing

Part of the contributions will stem out of the courses taught by:

Massimo Brunzin (VIU) Federico Boschetti (CNR)

Paola Modesti (VIU)

Cristiano Guarneri and Gian Mario Guidarelli (UNIPD)

Luca Pes (VIU)

Natalie Göltenboth (LMU)

Aleksandar Kešeljević (UNILJ)

The Workshop was inspired by the theme of the 2020 Forum for Democracy of the Council of Europe

Vancouver Island, Canada, demonstration against Bill C-38, 2013 (internet creative commons)

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