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Hello everyone and welcome!

This platform was designed by the RED-Team (Residency Excellence-Diversity Scholarship students) of the Venice International University and firstly aimed to make the best out of the quarantine period which took place during the 2020 Spring Semester. 

As would be expected, the Globalization Program has been heavily altered by the coronavirus pandemic, thus inviting us to rethink and question our socialisation patterns. As students ourselves, we want to do our very best to prevent anyone else from feeling isolated in times of social distancing. Therefore, while unconventional for those accustomed to face-to-face relations, we warmly invite you to meet each other online as a first step towards building what could become lifelong friendships!

We thus strongly encourage you to engage with this wonderful community! Share anything you wish, from simple recipes to your deepest thoughts and feelings - there are no limits to your imagination!


This website is divided into various sections: 

  • We created 'Let's Chat' for casual exchange and information, feel free to share memes or recipes!

  • The 'Magazine is a new space created for longer, thought-provoking and multimedia contributions. Our hopes are that students, faculty and alumni will submit pieces covering a plethora of topics. We want to hear your thoughts on current affairs, responses to the pandemic and our new online worlds, interviews between faculty and students, articles, intercultural experiences etc. We want this to be a diverse celebration of VIU's intercultural experience.

  • The Tea2B for the follow up, announcements and continuous Tea2Bs’ discussions.

  • Finally we have the postcards section. We created this space for photos or 'postcards' from students, faculty and alumni! Attending remotely? We want to see posts from where you are studying! Share photos of you in Venice or your homes! We want to see 

Last but not least, we are very thankful for the tremendous work done by the previous RED-Teams: Rémy Bisson, Margherita Tess and Lana Nastja Anžur and Anna Peterson, Oxana Mroczek, Sebastian Ritter Choquehuanca.

We are so excited to be step in!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you here, in the Tea2Bs or anywhere else. 

Best wishes,


Your REDs Luka, Francesca, Olivia,

and Prof. Luca Pes!

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