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The EU and the Global Pandemic - TEA2B

Updated: May 7, 2020

Friday May 8, 5 pm CET

The Tea2b on “Europe and the global pandemic” is a VIU event organized in the context of the "Festa dell'Europa 2020 a Venezia" to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Schuman declaration which started the process leading to the foundation of the EU. It will be an informal meeting for VIU faculty and students, with the participation of some members of the Venice Diplomatic Society and Ca' Foscari students. Members of faculty of the Spring 2020 GP will be invited to contribute from the perspective of their own research and discipline. Sara De Vido (Ca' Foscari, International Law) will talk about the EU, and violence against women. Anne-Maria Makhulu (Duke University, Anthropology) on the moral economy of the pandemic. Sabrina Marchetti (Ca' Foscari, Sociology) on domestic workers and migrants during the Covid19 emergency. Marilynn Johnson (Boston College, History) on cities and migrants and how they have been affected. A discussion open to all participants shall follow.

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