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During the second Tea2B we got students’ stories about their participation in protest and other social movements.

Israeli students share their experience of demonstration against prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling for his resignation over criminal corruption charges and his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

A Japanese student told us about the “Vacant House Project” in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. He is a participant of this activists’ project. They clean, paint and repair abandoned houses to make them easier to use.

We went over anti-tourists movements. How do different Italian cities solve the problem of overtourism? What can the Venetian authorities and communities do?

Also, we had an engaging discussion of “Fridays for Future”, comparing actions in Belgium, in the USA and in Italy. We argued about the impact of protests on global changes. Some are still sceptical about it. Nevertheless, on that week Friday some VIU students and professors attended Venice's “Fridays for Future” strike.

Russian students contribute their experience of opposition protests in 2021. They said protests are important. Even if they hardly could change the situation, they make you feel not alone in your beliefs, and make the community feel united.

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