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Tea2b no. 2 - a tiny refelction

Last week we have met for what (at least at the moment) seems to be last face2face Tea2b.

Judging by the current regulations, we will not have the chance to hold it in vivo at least til 3rd of December.

One of the problems that the world is facing at the moment alongside coronavirus are environmental issues. Though, regarding environmental issues in Venice, Coronavirus actually had some positive effects - "grande navi", cruise ships are not docking in the city. Large masses of tourists have been significantly reduced. Unfortunately, these issues are not the only ones. Venice is battling increasing frequency of abnormal sea level changes. Mose, the underwater moving shield against this issue has premiered its first activation nearly a month ago. But the question is, how many times can it be used, without having negative efffects? Local people worry about the possibility of a tsunami-like wave if one of the plates forming its constructed body would break. And what about the economic impact that the ship containers, waiting for it to be dived? It is difficult for an individual to give a single-handled answer to any of these questions. Together, the Tea2b participants tried to join their views and narrow out the ideas that give partial answers to the persistent problems.

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