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October 18 Tea2B was the National Games Evening. We played cards and board games from different nations.

One of the games was the simple but fascinating Russian card game "Durak" (Full). This game has been part of Russian culture since the 1812 war against Napoleon. Now every post-soviet citizen can play it. It is one of the easiest ways to break the ice with fellow passengers during the long train trip through boundless Russia.

Another game was from Bavaria. Playing cards has been a tradition in Bavaria for hundreds of years - the Bavarians are said to have been passionate card players since the Middle Ages. Evidence of this can be found in the card-playing bans issued in Regensburg and Nuremberg in 1378 and 1380. They were too passionate. REDs taught Tea2B participants the game "Neunerln", which is easy to learn and is reminiscent of the game Uno.

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