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TEA2B n°06: On policing language, censorship and slur reappropriation

Dear everyone,

You are all invited for a new TEA2B session to be held on Monday 30, at 5pm.

A few months ago, a selection of offending shows were dropped from archive streaming services like Netflix, due to their use of “blackface” for comedic effect or because of racist attitudes ascribed to the characters. Later on, the n-word was deleted from the French title of Agatha Christie’s hit novel, formerly known as Ten Little N*ggers. Most recently, the BBC has censored The Pogues’ famous Christmas song Fairytale New York as it featured homophobic and misogynist slurs.

Reading this non-exhaustive list of examples, one can help but wonder if today’s censorship is the appropriate response to deal with our dark pasts? Are we missing the point? Is revisionist history a form of denial of minorities’ oppression? How can targeted groups reclaim slurs to neutralize them if the slurs are obscured? Let’s discuss!

Looking forward to seeing you online (

Your three beloved REDS, Lana, Margherita & Rémy

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