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Lunch2B n°7: repopulating Venice-challenges and opportunities of the housing crisis

Dear everyone,

You are invited to this week’s online Lunch2B, which will take place on Friday, April 16th, at 12:00 PM, Italian time.

Here is the link for this session, we look forward to see you online:

When we talk about repopulating Venice, are we talking about a mix of activities and class of people that characterized the city 50 years ago, or are we talking about how it can be transformed?

How to save Venice is hardly a new question. But with the COVID-19 pandemic — along with the chance to move through quiet canals, to hear Venetian dialect in the air and to gaze, unobstructed, upon works by Renaissance masters Tintoretto or Titian — these essential questions have been laid bare as never before. Real transformation never comes with a shock but with a plan.

Do we have one?

Let’s chat about all these questions and more!

Your three beloved REDs Francesca, Olivia, and Luka

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