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Lunch2B n°5: Freedom of Speech

Dear everyone!

You are invited to join Lunch2B on Friday the 26th at 12pm.

This week we will have an exciting surprise guest who will introduce us to this topic!

We understand freedom of speech to be a fundamental pillar in liberal democracy. Equally, it is recognized by many that when it comes to hate speech, obscenities, etc., there should be some restrictions.

Where do we draw the line? And who do we think should choose where to draw the line?

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement statues were torn down and defaced across the world. For example Edward Colston in Bristol (England), King Leopold II in Belgium, and Indro Montanelli in Milan (Italy), etc.

Does tearing these statues down represent a new iconic moment in our history? Or the erasure of it? What do we think?

What role does freedom of speech and censorship play in countries which place restrictions on their citizens such as censorship, monitoring, and surveillance of the internet?

Let’s discuss!

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