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Lunch2B n°3: What is art?

Dear everyone,

You are invited to this week’s online Lunch2B, which will take place on Friday, March 12th, at 12:00 PM, Italian time.

Here is the link for this session, we look forward to see you online:

In this week’s Lunch2B every member of the meeting should share a piece of art being important, it can be a painting, a sculpture but also something out of the ordinary!

Art needs to let people express what they feel in every occasion of their life. At the very beginning, ancient artists could find their “muse” in heroes, religion and nature and then they focused on society and how people reacted to historical events. Dadaist movement and contemporary art changed the rules of the game. Every traditional concept of what should be artistic and worth being exposed at an exhibition took a complete different perspective.

What do you consider art? What is widely acknowledged to be artistic?

We want to hear your opinions and thoughts.

Let’s chat about all these questions and more!

Your three beloved REDs Francesca, Olivia, and Luka

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