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Lunch2B n°2: Inequalities in academia

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Dear all! You are invited to this week’s online Lunch2B, which will take place on Friday, March 5TH at 12:00 PM, Italian time

In this week’s Lunch2B we will be talking about academic elitism. University gives us the opportunity to pursue a job by providing a service. A transaction occurs in which students pay for their education (in many countries) and in return receive a shiny diploma which works as a key to open doors.

But what about students whose parents didn’t go to university? Who can’t afford to pay for private tutoring? Indeed, many universities are associated with feeder schools - often private institutions charging exorbitant fees. Then when these students graduate, they apply for jobs at feeder corporations who only hire from the pool of ‘elite’ universities. Other degrees from ‘less prestigious’ universities are considered devalued by many.

What is academic snobbery? Is the world of academia disconnected from the ‘real world’? Is academia gate-kept by those with positions in the ivory tower? What role do prestigious universities play in perpetuating and continuing inequalities? Further, what does elitism mean in your country? Let’s chat about all these questions and more!

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