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Last TEA2B recap!

Two weeks ago we had the chance to discuss with students and professors the consequences of the so called "pink capitalism". We analyzed big brands' specific campaigns which address the LGBTQ+ people specifically. For instance, Calvin Klein created a specific campaign to sell "pride" lingerie, hiring queer models and activists as testimonials, and openly sustaining the LGBTQ+ struggles. But what are the social effects of this kind of campaigns? Are they really beneficial to the LGBTQ+ rights? Is it just a process of subsumption?

We went deep in these questions and in the end we underlined how there is a complex relationship between big brands, governments and social change. Big brands make their own profit, exploiting the raising popularity of queer campaigns and the market niche of LGBTQ+ people, and do not necessarily do good to actual movements which try to go beyond mere visibility and struggle for actual legal recognitions. On the other hand gaining a place in pop fashion might have an impact in the visibility of certain issues.

We did a interesting comparison with big companies' role in environmental sustainability.

We discussed for a couple of hours, trying to disentangle the complexity of the socio-economic phenomena that influence social change towards a more inclusive society.

We pathed the road to the next TEA2B, in which environmental struggles will be the lead topic.

We hope to see you on Monday!

Your three beloved REDs,

Lana Nastja, Margherita, Rémy

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