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Tea2b no. 3: VIU list of favourite experiences in Venice

On Monday 16th of November we met again for the Tea2b - only this time, it was purely in the onlline form. Despite not having the chance to share the tea and biscuits, we still shared many sweet things. Mostly, they were ideas about where and how to spend the partial lockdown in Venice. Below, I am listing the VIU`s students and professors favourite places to go.


- Sant' Erasmo: The island was a port attached to Murano in the 8th century, but is now known for market gardening. Their specialiy are purple artichokes ("castraure") which, due to special chemical components of the soil, bloom in particularly interesting shade of purple color. In the right season, it is possible to buy them also at the market, close to the Rialto bridge. Another famous vegetable are piselli, peas, which were traditionally served on 25th of Aprila, at the Doge`s banquet as course of "risi e bisi". When looking for a place where you could get a taste of these delicacies for a lunch/dinner, Trattoria dai Tedeschi is a place to go. Check out their FB: After the meal, you can continue with sightseeing. Ruined fortifications, including the so-called Torre Massimiliana (Tower of Maximilian), ring the isle. Forts existed in the island as early as the 16th century. Nearby Spiaggia al Bacan is locals` favourite spot and during summer its a lovely place to take a swim.

- Torcello : This lovely island is supposedly the place where the first settlement in the lagoon was built. You can check out the museum and church of Santa Maria Assunta, large church located far from any urbanised environment. On the neighbouring island the Mazzorbo, you should try out the restaurant Venissa, one among Venice`s finest.

- Certosa : is a lovely little island, where the Army once had its base. The island is one of the first stops after boarding the vaporettto in the Burano/Torcello direction. A 20-metre-wide (66 ft) channel separates it from the Vignole island. Certosa has a surface of some 22 hectares (54 acres). Today the plan is to have it restored in a green area - park.

- San Servolo: our beloved island has a plenty of experiences to offer along with VIU :) And be sure not to miss any of them! Apart from the Insane Asylum Museum there is also the lovely terrace at the end of the park, overlooking the Lido. In case you didnt notice it yet, check out the wide range of plants, equipped with italian and latin name - tags. There are also some parrots in the vivarium across the Maestrale. In the evenings, do not miss the sunset at the wooden pier, overlooking Venice, San Spirito and San Clemente.

- Campo Santa Margherita is located in sestiere di Dorso Duro. Campo Santa Margherita is one of the most popular meet up places for students. During the day its frequented by tourists and residents, who claim it to be one of the liveliest city districts with pescheria and fruttivendoli (fruit sellers). During the evening it transforms in one of the places to be for any young adult. Happy hours are such indeed - go there to experience the serata as a true local student.


- Brillo parlante: one of rare Venetian bars that is not overcrowded with tourists and offers a true local experience, as recomended by our venetian colleagues:,12.3247401,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x477eb1c5ca1c2515:0xfce46eed329fc961!8m2!3d45.4382176!4d12.3269288

- Vizio Virtu cioccolateria : chocolate factory and a chocolate shop which is able to cater for even the most demanding palates and which makes Venice even sweeter city.

It’s right in the heart of the Laguna, between Rialto and San Marco square:

- Tonolo pasticceria : I think you only need a few words to sum up this bakery, short and sweet: a must for cake and pastry lovers. Especially with the warm hospitality, quick service and affordable prices.

- Caffè Florian, an essential presence under the Procuratie Nuove in St Mark’s Square, is considered the oldest Café in Europe, a symbol of the city of Venice. It was opened on 29th December 1720 by Floriano Francesconi as “Alla Venezia Trionfante” (Triumphant Venice), although the clientele subsequently rechristened it “Caffè Florian” in honour of its owner. Besides being the most famous coffeehouse, Caffè Florian was the only meeting place of the time that admitted women, which explains why Casanova chose it as his “hunting ground” in his continuing quest for female company.

Its windows witnessed the splendour and fall of the Serenissima Republic of Venice and the secret conspiracies against French and then Austrian rule; later, its elegant rooms were used to treat the wounded during the 1848 uprising. Right from the beginning, Caffè Florian has had a glittering clientele, including Goldoni, Giuseppe Parini, Silvio Pellico and many others. Let me share a secret with; you ask for the coffee standing at the banco, it should be only 1.5 eur, as told by our Venetian colleagues.

- Rotisserie San Bartolomeo:

Try their famous mozzarella in carrozza, baccalà, and other traditional venetian dishes.

- Sepa : Excellent place for traditional Venetian food that is made with passion. This place takes pride in using local ingredients to make their food (served in a tapas style, called cikketti). The small portions/cheaper prices means you can try a bunch of items. The tiramisu that they make is amazing too.


- Libreria Miracoli di Vascon Claudio: libreria, a bookstore selling 2nd hand books, lovely alternative to libreria Acqua Alta, where they store books in bath tubes :) The location is close to church Santa Maria dei Miracoli.,12.3391606,20z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x67b340be2251f1ca!2sChurch+of+Santa+Maria+dei+Miracoli!8m2!3d45.4395727!4d12.3393174!3m4!1s0x477eb1ea5a18fe91:0x92109a87eed5e16f!8m2!3d45.439908!4d12.3391606


- Venice Jazz Club: The VJC quartet is often joined by special guests the group plays classic jazz standards and revisits modern tunes, making every night a special night.

For the live music doors Open at 7pm. From 7.30pm they start serving dinner, only for those who stay for the concert. Concerts start at 9pm. You can book online and pay at the Club.

At 11pm the concert ends and the Club closes.

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