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TEA2B n°02: On Environmental issues and solutions, in Venice and beyond!

Dear students and professors,

You are all invited for a new TEA2B session to be held on Monday 2, at 17:00.

Please note that we have deemed it preferable for the next TEA2B meetings to be held face-to-face. From now on, we invite you to meet us in Room 1G (first floor).

On the 5th of October, the world witnessed an historic event: Venice successfully stopped a flood for the first time thanks to the MOSE flood barrier. However, as exciting as it sounds, this enormously expensive anti-flood gate might endanger the lagoon system's well-being. This raises one key question: Should human well-being and cultural preservation prevail over nature?

This leads us to many other ones: What relationship should we have with nature? How do you perceive climate change in your home countries? Whose responsibility is it to reduce carbon footprint, individuals or companies? Let’s discuss!

Looking forward to seeing you this Monday.

Your three beloved REDs, Lana Nastja, Margherita & Rémy

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