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TEA2B n°01: LGBTQ+ community and Intersectionality

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Dear Students and Professors,

You are all invited to join the first TEA2B session, tomorrow afternoon at 17:00, in the San Servolo Café!

The LGBTQ+ struggles and fights for rights have gone global but as the nigerian activist Aderonke Apata says “In some countries, gays have the same rights as other capitalists, but intersex people don’t, trans people don’t...”

What are the different intersections of the LGBTQ+ struggles in different countries? In richer countries big brands are enhancing campaigns which target LGBTQ+ people.

Are big brands and big companies helping the LGBTQ+ struggles with their target specific campaigns? What are the effects of the interventions of big brands on specific intersections?

Let’s discuss!

Your three beloved REDs,

Lana Nastja, Margherita, Rémy


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