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Professor Richard Toye: Notes from London, February 1946

Notes from London, February 1946

I have several time mentioned colanders

Because we happen to want one

They cost three shillings and eleven-pence

Which is twice what they are worth.

Demobilisation is going very well indeed

There were three new faces at my little bank yesterday

Some measure of civility again

Such a change from the wartime staff.

There is a tremendous howl over the discovery

Of a spy ring in Canada

Selling atom secrets to the Russians.

Last night I had a talk with my sisters

About the London we knew when we were young.

The districts were more mixed up then.

As I look at the great serving dish above the dresser

I cannot help but think we represent

A phase of England that is vanishing forever.

But at least the Minister of Food has climbed down on the matter of dried eggs.

Written by Professor Richard Toye as a follow up contribution from his interview with Maeve Cucciol and Olivia Fothergill in the 'Poetry project' series.

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