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Clara Zuccarino

Although unfortunately it lasted only a week, I feel lucky I had the chance to attend classes in presence again.

Starting this current semester online already gave me the opportunity to get in touch with my colleagues via Zoom, but I knew something huge was missing: the physical dimension of relationships between humans.

Only the latter uniquely enhances dialogue, stimulates debate, encouraging the sharing of ideas.

The strict measures adopted inside the classroom, namely face masks and social distancing, did not prevent us from having a more interactive and dynamic role in the lecture: indeed, I personally think I am more inclined to participate to frontal lectures as I feel like I am fully involved in them.

The course that I am following, named “Addressing sustainable development: the role of international sites designations within a green diplomacy framework” by Professor Giorgio Andrian (Università di Padova) in particular requires an active involvement that is surely enhanced by frontal lessons.

While the first part of the lecture is held by the teacher or by some guests, in the following one students are asked to take part into the discussion by creating innovative and sustainable solutions to the issues raised earlier in class (i.e. by simulating a meeting between representatives of NGOs, EU Commission and government).

Furthermore, beside large pc rooms, libraries and wide indoor places at the disposal to pupils, the island of San Servolo itself offers numerous open-air areas that facilitates confrontation among its students. There I had the opportunity to make the most of the heterogeneity of my course composed of students from all around Europe being able to talk to them in person, sharing different perspectives and ideas in a way that you can only experience taking part in frontal lectures.

I hope we will be able to have the unique opportunity to attend classes soon!!

Clara Zuccarino

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