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Dreaming of Traveling.... Student Tea2B

The end of the year is coming to an end; there is light at the end of the tunnel! This semester has definitely been different in so many ways than we expected. Something unique that we, as VIU students, have experienced compared to our classmates at friends in home universities is the loss of the opportunity to travel. For some, VIU was their first big travel experience. For some others, they came well-traveled and carried incredible travel and cultural experiences, and still saw Venice as an excellent place to spend many months. Some of us have traveled to only one or two countries in our whole lives. Others have traveled to more cities and countries than they cant count. Although we have been apart for most of the semester and have not been able to connect in the same way as we could have on San Servolo, we all have a piece of a traveling heart within us. It is one of the most fun, exciting, fascinating, and interesting things that bonds us with another person; you may have never met a person, and not even know their language or anything about them, but you can still instantly connect if you have traveled to the same destination. Last Friday, the Tea2B was a student-only conversation on traveling. We shared travel photos, discussed past places we've visited, and dreamed about destinations for the future for when the world is back opened to be traveled. It was such an amazing escape to transport into another space that felt much wider than a small bedroom and connect with other VIU students I met at the beginning of the semester. I realized I am not the only one feeling some sadness from grieving the loss of not being able to experience Venice and VIU this spring in its full capacity. I hope you are all hanging in there. Dream of warm places, new experiences, and fantastic international cuisine… soon enough….

A picture of the sunrise of the last morning I was in Venice (and is now my computer background)

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