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Here’s some useful suggestions and links for VIU students 

Call for Internships

Keep an eye onto the VIU website for opportunities of internship in Italy and Worldwide mobility:

VIU Community guide to Venice

Here is the wonderful VIU Community Guide to Venice! It aims to help students make the most of their time in the city of Venice. Full of tips and tricks, this guide was created by the RED Scholars of the 2020 Fall Semester (Lana, Margherita & Rémy!) and includes a compilation of students’ favourite places and experiences. Click to icon to open the pdf version.


Join the student WhatsApp group!

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The WhatsApp group is a vital space for students to interact and chat! Great for organising trips or meeting up! Enter your details below to be added.


Spring 2021's course list

Below are all of the new exciting courses! Browse here or click the link to find a detailed breakdown.

  • History of Venice

  • Italian Contemporary History in Films

  • Italian for Foreigners - beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate

  • Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Gender Studies: Gender, Nation, Migration

  • Comparing East and West. Comparing Transactional Law

  • Identity, Heritage and Globalization

  • Globalization, Ethics, Welfare and Human Rights

  • Global Governance for Peace and Security, Cooperation and Development

  • Globalization, Environment and Sustainable Development

  • Natural Resource Economics and Sustainable Development

  • Addressing Sustainable Development: The Role of International Sites' Designations within a Green Diplomacy Framework

  • Physical activity and health: the effects of the (built) environment and the future of urban development

  • Theories of Urban Space and Sense of Place in Global Change

  • Cities and Global Change: Urban Policy Analysis and Design

  • Cities and Global Change

  • London: Political City

  • Real Estate Law in a Globalized Market

  • Cities confronted with dangerous global phenomena: a historical perspective

  • Medicine and biology for non-physicians. An introductory course to human biology with links to sustainable development

  • Anthropocentrism and environment: the human body and the external world

  • Environmental Humanities in Film: an Interdisciplinary Approach

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